Saturday, December 8, 2012

Tips on Comic Writing Jobs

So I was browsing the web and I found something kind of interesting about comic writers and breaking into the industry.  So far the advice is that there is no such thing as a writer job in the comic industry.  It has been explained as one big catch-22.  You need publishing credits to get a job but you can't get a job without publishing credits.  Obviously, this means that work in the beginning will be done on speculation, which is technically what I've done so far.  I haven't submitted to any publishers yet (I don't know if I will).  However, my source names a couple of independent comic publishers who may take on beginning comic writers who are paired with good artists.  The link below gives some industry rates.  These are just estimates.  Most writers keep their pay confidential.  I hope this is  a helpful source for any other aspiring comic writers who visit my blog:

Exactly how to pair with a good artist who will work on spec with you is whole other story.  I haven't ventured in that far.  I've done all of my own art work so far.  Some things that I have read online seem to suggest that there is a lot of conflict and tension between writers and artists.  It seems that getting better at drawing is the best and most reliable way that I can complete my project.  Does anyone have anything else to offer on that note?

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