Saturday, November 3, 2012

First step: Getting away

Just last month while I was finishing a contract job I decided to create a graphic novel.  At first I just wanted to write the screenplay and try to pitch it as a movie.  I figured I was going to do all the work to create a story board and possibly a mood board so why not use those materials to create a graphic novel?  Putting out a graphic novel would help me determine if my story is good enough to capture an audience's attention anyway.

I am really excited.  I used my savings to rent a condo in Ocean City, Maryland for a couple of months in the off season to work on my graphic novel.  I just finished traveling down here last Thursday.  I like how quiet Ocean City is right now.  I like my condo as well.  It's furnished and quite comfortable.  I've only been here for two days but I think it's cool.  I got a chance to walk down to the boardwalk today and snapped some pics.

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